Ord. No.   Date   Description
Res. B-220   6-7-45   To the New York Central RR Co. - Private side track agreement with Village.
B-362   7-29-47   To the Village - From Wottring for sanitary sewer purposes.
B-372   12-8-47   To the Village - From Merritt for sanitary sewer purposes.
Res. B-345   6-5-51   To the Village to install and maintain lighting system under bridges of NYC RR Co.
B-480   3-15-55   To the Ohio Turnpike Commission - To install and maintain water line in Shupe Ave., Minerva St. and Elyria Ave.
Res. B-430   1-15-57   Agreement with NYC RR thru Bridge No. 159.
B-542   3-25-57   Appropriation of easement over Lot 24 for sewer purposes.
B-584   6-17-58   To the Ohio Edison Co. - To construct wire over rubbish disposal premises.
B-595   10-7-58   Recording an easement over 2.21 acres of Village Land in Twp. Lot 37.
Res. B-526   7-20-61   Intent to appropriate easements for Cooper-Foster Park Road sewer.
Res. B-528   8-1-61   Intent to appropriate easements for Cooper-Foster Park Road sewer; repeals Res. B-526.
Res. B-560   4-9-62   From Breckenridge for Cooper-Foster Park sanitary sewer.
B-830   10-28-63   To the Ohio Edison Co. for an electric line.
67-32   7-10-67   Authorizes contract with George C. and Helen Hollstein for certain easement rights for both parties.
68-39   8-12-68   Granting an easement to Mosser Construction, Inc., in the vicinity of Milan Ave.
68-40   8-12-68   Granting an easement to Mosser Construction, Inc., in the vicinity of Milan Ave.
69-31   10-13-69   Granting an easement to Klingshirn-Towner, Inc., in the vicinity of Milan Ave.
69-32   10-13-69   Granting an easement to Klingshirn-Towner, Inc., in the vicinity of Milan Ave.
70-36   10-26-70   Granting an easement to Nordson Corp. for sewer purposes.
73-18   4-9-73   To Ohio Edison Co. for electrical transmission purposes for the 69KV Transmission Loop Project.
76-43   8-23-76   Accepts easements from Amherst Four Square Church Inc. for the approaches to the Terra Lane Bridge over State Route 2.
83-26   6-6-83   Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc. fixing gas rates 7-10-83 to 4-10-84.
87-31   4-27-87   City to install 69,000 volt electrical transmission line on Conrail real estate.
87-53   7-13-87   Modifying an easement previously granted to the City in the dedication of Valley Forest Subdivision No. 7.
88-9   3-14-88   Releases easement acquired with land purchased for installation of Milan Ave. electrical substation.
91-56   8-26-91   Accepts easement from Hembel for development of property on Cleveland Ave.
94-17   2-28-94   Vacates part of easement on Lot No. 92 in Apple Orchard Subdivision No. 3.
97-31   4-7-97   Authorizes easement contracts to construct an alternate access to N. Quarry Road.
97-42   4-28-97   Accepts an easement from Florence Leslie for alternate access for North Quarry Road.
99-154   11-22-99   An underground sanitary sewer easement for the west side park with Lorain County Metroparks.
99-167   12-13-99   Accepts an easement from Discount Drug Mart for a marginal road.
00-18   3-27-00   Grants to Columbia Gas of Ohio an easement over certain land owned by the City to install and maintain natural gas pipelines.
02-76   8-8-02   Authorizes extending the term of the easement from Florence Leslie for one additional year at a cost of $1,500.
03-70   5-27-03   Extends the term of the easement from Florence Leslie for six months.
03-114   10-13-03   Authorizes the release of an electrical easement held by the City on property at 1423 Cooper Foster Road.
Res.06-07   11-20-06   Appropriates an easement for a pump station on property owned by Eschtruth Investment Co. LLC.
06-76   12-11-06   Releases a portion of an electric easement held by the City on property on Cooper Foster Park Road.
Res.16-03   4-11-16   Authorizes the Mayor to enter into an easement agreement with the Lorain County Metropolitan Park District (“LCMPD”) granting an easement to LCMPD for the purpose of connecting sections of the Beaver Creek Trail.
17-11   2-27-17   Approving an easement agreement between Amherst Exempted Village Schools and the City for the Ohio Turnpike Storm Water Mitigation Project.
19-14   3-25-19   Vacating Permanent Parcel No. 05-00-038-900-003 and retaining a utility easement thereon.
19-19   5-13-19   Amends Ordinance 19-14.
22-28   6-13-22   Retaining utility and drainage easements on a portion of the area vacated on North Dewey Road.