(a)    Pipe. The pipe shall be vitrified tile, plain concrete or reinforced concrete, whichever the conditions of loading may require, and shall be so stipulated by the drawings and specifications. The concrete pipe shall be of the tongue and groove type.
   (b)    Manholes and Inlets. The manholes and inlets shall be constructed of common hard clay or shale brick and laid up with a one to two cement mortar to which may be added lime not to exceed twenty-five percent by volume of the cement. The outside shall be plastered and troweled with one inch of waterproof cement mortar. The inside shall be rubbed with a cloth in lieu of striking the joints.
   All brick shall be thoroughly cleaned and saturated with water, immediately before being placed.
   City Standards, Appendix A, shall be followed.
   Pipe shall not protrude into the manhole or inlet and shall be cut flush with the inside of the manhole.
   (c)    Pipe Laying. The bedding of No. 6 limestone or slag shall be placed in such a manner to assure full support along the lower quadrant of the pipe barrel. As the pipe is laid, each length shall be checked for alignment and grade. Pipe laying shall proceed upgrade with spigot ends pointing in the direction of flow. A defective pipe or pipe which has had its line or grade disturbed sufficiently to open the joint after laying, shall be taken up and replaced. All open ends in the pipe shall be stopped and all joints shall be waterproof.
(Ord. 69-35. Passed 10-27-69.)