General Provisions
   72.01   Lanes of travel upon roadways
   72.02   Vehicles traveling in opposite directions
   72.03   Rules governing overtaking and passing of vehicles
   72.04   Permission to overtake and pass on the right
   72.05   Driving to left of center line
   72.06   Prohibition against driving upon left side of roadway
   72.07   Hazardous zones
   72.08   One-way highways and rotary traffic islands
   72.09   Rules for driving in marked lanes
   72.10   Space between moving vehicles
   72.11   Divided roadways
   72.12   Rules for turns at intersections
   72.13   Turning in roadway prohibited
   72.14   Rules for starting and backing vehicles
   72.15   Turn and stop signals
   72.16   Hand and arm signals
   72.20   Right-of-way at intersections
   72.21   Right-of-way at converging lanes
   72.22   Right-of-way when turning left
   72.23   Right-of-way at through highways; stop signs; yield signs
   72.24   Stop at sidewalk area
   72.25   Right-of-way on public highway
   72.26   Pedestrian on sidewalk has right-of-way
   72.27   Right-of-way of public safety vehicles
   72.28   Funeral procession has right-of-way
   72.29   Pedestrians yield right-of-way to public safety vehicle
   72.30   Pedestrian on crosswalk has right-of-way
   72.31   Right-of-way yielded to blind person
   72.32   Right-of-way yielded by pedestrian
   72.33   Intoxicated or drugged pedestrian hazard on highway
   72.40   Pedestrians
   72.41   Pedestrian walking along highway
   72.42   Prohibition against soliciting rides; riding on outside of vehicle
   72.43   Pedestrian on bridge or railroad crossing
   72.44   Operation of electric personal assistive mobility devices
   72.45   Operation of personal delivery device on sidewalks and crosswalks
Grade Crossings
   72.50   Stop signs at grade crossings
   72.51   Driving vehicle across railroad grade crossing
   72.52   Vehicles required to stop at grade crossings
   72.53   Slow-moving vehicles or equipment crossing railroad tracks
Through Highways
   72.60   Through highways
   72.65   Obstruction and interference affecting view and control of driver
   72.66   Occupying travel trailer while in motion
   72.67   Prohibition against driving upon closed highway
   72.68   Driving upon sidewalk area
   72.69   Obstructing passage of other vehicles
   72.70   Following an emergency or public vehicle prohibited
   72.71   Driving over unprotected fire hose
   72.72   Prohibition against placing injurious material on highway
   72.73   Transporting child not in child-restraint system prohibited
   72.74   Occupant restraining devices
   72.741   Use of engine brakes prohibited
   72.742   Operating motor vehicle while wearing earphones or earplugs
   72.743   Texting while driving prohibited
   72.744   Use of electronic wireless communication devices by minors or probationary drivers while driving prohibited
School Buses
   72.75   Regulations concerning school buses
   72.76   Violation of regulations; report; investigation; citation; warning
   72.77   School bus regulations by Department of Education and Department of Highway Safety
   72.78   School bus inspection
   72.79   School bus not used for school purposes
   72.80   Licensing by Department of Highway Safety
   72.81   Registration and identification of school buses
   72.82   School bus marking
   72.83   Flashing light signal lamps
   72.84   Occupant restraining device for operator