(A)   There is hereby levied an annual license tax upon the operation of motor vehicles on the public roads or highways pursuant to R.C. § 4504.172 for the purpose of paying the costs and expenses of enforcing and administering the tax provided for in this section; and to provide additional revenue for the purposes set forth in R.C. § 4504.06; and to supplement revenue already available for such purposes.
   (B)   Such tax shall be at the rate of $5 per motor vehicle on each and every motor vehicle the district registration of which, as defined in R.C. § 4503.10, is in the village.
   (C)   As used in this section, the term MOTOR VEHICLE means any and all vehicles included within the definition of motor vehicle in R.C. § 4501.01.
   (D)   The tax imposed by this section shall apply to and be in effect for the registration year commencing January 1, 1989 and shall continue in effect and application during each registration year thereafter.
   (E)   The tax imposed by this section shall be paid to the State Registrar of Motor Vehicles or to a Deputy Registrar at the time application for registration of a motor vehicle is made as provided in R.C. § 4503.10.
   (F)   All the monies derived from the tax hereinbefore levied shall be used by the village for the purposes specified in this section.
(Ord. C-687, passed 6-28-88)