(A)   Any owner or possessor of private property upon which stormwater drainage facilities exist for the purpose of collecting, conveying, retaining or detaining stormwater within that property and which are not public facilities pursuant to § 54.15 of this chapter, shall be responsible for the maintenance of these facilities as required to ensure proper operation and in accordance with §§ 54.50 and 95.31; maintaining property in litter-free manner in accordance with §§ 95.26 and 95.42; and maintaining grass and weeds in accordance with § 95.40.
   (B)   When the utility accepts responsibility for design, construction, inspection, operation or maintenance of private facilities in accordance with § 54.11 of this chapter, all expenses incurred therewith shall be the responsibility of the utility.
   (C)   The village reserves the right to cooperatively work with property owners in an area to fix a common problem related to stormwater.  This means that financial arrangements may be agreed to between the village and property owners which result in an equitable arrangement that benefits all parties.
(Ord. 2002-11, passed 3-10-03)