159.01 Purposes
159.09 Master or Common Signage Plan
159.02 Applicability; Effect
159.10 Signs in the Public Right-of-way
159.03 Definitions and Interpretations
159.11 Signs Exempt From Regulation
159.04 Computations
159.12 Prohibited Signs
159.05 Signs Allowed on Private Property With and Without Permits
159.13 General Permit Procedures
Table 159.05A — Permitted Signs by the Type and Zoning District
159.14 Permits to Construct or Modify Signs
Table 159.05B — Maximum Total Sign Area Per Zone Lot by Zoning District
159.15 Sign Permits — Continuing
Table 159.05C — Number, Dimensions and Locations of Individual Signs by Zoning District
159.16 Temporary Sign Permits (Private Property)
Table 159.05D — Number and Dimensions of Certain Individual Signs by Sign Type
159.17 Time of Compliance; Nonconforming Signs and Signs Without Permits
Table 159.05E — Permitted Sign Characteristics by Zoning District
159.18 Violations
159.06 Signs for Interstate-Oriented Businesses
159.19 Enforcement and Remedies
159.07 Permits Required
159.20 Fee Schedule
159.08 Design, Construction and Maintenance