There shall be a charge for collection of refuse and garbage to the owner and/or occupant of every dwelling unit for which refuse service is provided by the city through contracts with private haulers. Such charges are intended to cover the cost to the City to provide such services, including the cost of billing and collections. Such charges shall be per dwelling unit for single-family detached residences, single-family attached residences, and two- to four-family residences. The refuse charges shall be payable every two months to be billed in arrears. Failure to pay the charge upon billing by the city or its billing agent may result, at the city's option, in the placement of a lien against the real estate and/or the filing of a complaint in circuit court seeking a personal judgment against the owner or persons interested in the property subject to the refuse charge, or the occupant of such property. The city shall be free to pursue any other remedies as may be available to the city for collection of this refuse charge. The election of a particular remedy shall not constitute a waiver of any other remedy available to the city for collection of the refuse charge.
The charge imposed by this section shall be as follows:
   A.   Monthly Charge: For the period commencing October 1, 2019, and thereafter, except as hereinafter provided, the charge shall be twenty-two dollars and ninety-two cents ($22.92) per month, per dwelling unit. On October 1, 2020, and on each October 1 thereafter so long as the city provides collection of refuse and garbage for dwelling units in the city, the charge shall be increased by four percent (4%) above the previous charge. In addition to the refuse charge as aforesaid, an administrative charge of one dollar ($1.00) per month per dwelling unit shall be due to the city of Alton to recover the administrative cost incurred by the city of Alton in connection with the preparation of monthly billing, mailing, receipt, and processing of refuse fees or charges for each dwelling unit.
   B.   Abatement: The residential monthly refuse charge as aforesaid including the administrative charge, shall be abated as to any residential unit in the city of Alton commencing on the thirty first day after a residential dwelling unit has continuously been without actual water service available and provided to that residential dwelling unit and continue to be abated for so long as there remains no water available and provided to that residential dwelling unit. No abatement shall be effective prior to the date the office of the city comptroller receives a request for abatement as to any residential dwelling unit. The written request for abatement shall be in a format to be developed by the city comptroller and shall include the necessary information to allow the office of the city comptroller to verify that no actual water service has, is, or will be available to the residential dwelling unit for the requisite period of time.
   C.   Delinquencies: All refuse charges or fees established by this code, not paid in full within twenty one (21) days after the issuance of any bill rendered therefor, shall be considered delinquent. If the monthly refuse charges or fees as established by this code shall not be paid in full within twenty one (21) days after the date of issuance of any bill rendered therefor, a delayed payment charge in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the monthly refuse fee or charge then in effect shall be imposed and due to the city of Alton with regard to such account.
   D.   Monthly Bill To Record Owner: The city shall direct the billing for the total monthly residential trash or refuse charges or fees to the record owner of each improved lot, parcel of land or premises which is entitled to trash or refuse service by the city. It shall be the responsibility of the record owner to timely remit payments to the city of Alton. In the event the owner fails to timely remit payments to the city, the city may direct billings and notice of delinquency to the occupant or user of the premises entitled to trash or refuse service provided by the city. The city may pursue collection efforts against all persons responsible for payment as established by this code.
   The owner of the dwelling unit, the occupant thereof and the user of the services shall be jointly and severally liable to pay such refuse charge and the services are furnished to the dwelling unit by the city only on the condition that the owner of the dwelling unit, occupant thereof and user of the refuse service are jointly and severally liable. The city of Alton, through its contractors, shall provide refuse collection service to the dwelling unit at least once each week.
   E.   Should the city elect to pursue collection of the refuse charge by an action filed with a court of competent jurisdiction, the city shall be entitled to recover all reasonable attorney fees, court costs and other expenses related to said court action in addition to the original refuse charge and any penalty imposed for late payment. (Ord. 7323, 9-12-2012, eff. 10-1-2012; amd. Ord. 7381, 11-13-2013; Ord. 7492, 12-16-2015, eff. 3-1-2016; Ord. 7717, 9-25-2019)