A.   Each individual dwelling unit in the City owned by a landlord who is required to be licensed under this chapter must be registered with the City as belonging to or managed by the licensed landlord. The registration must include the location of each dwelling unit, its address, legal owner, every beneficial owner, and must include a copy of the latest occupancy permit for that dwelling unit issued by the City of Alton. Reasonable evidence of ownership may be required to be presented by landlord. A landlord shall not be required to register his or her personal permanent residence unless rented to another party for any period of time.
   B.   For each residential dwelling unit required to be registered by the landlord pursuant to this section, an annual fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) shall be due and payable to the City of Alton except as herein provided. If a landlord and all beneficial owners of a dwelling unit hold no interest in any other dwelling unit rented or offered for rent for occupancy in the City of Alton, all fees as for that landlord license and registration shall be waived.
   C.   All residential dwelling unit registration fees shall be on a calendar basis with no proration as to when a dwelling unit is registered or occupied within a calendar year. The City may inspect any dwelling unit annually at a reasonable time upon agreement with the occupants to assure compliance with all applicable City codes and regulations. Should the applicants refuse access to the City for an inspection, the City may apply to the Circuit Court for an administrative search warrant upon a proper showing of cause to the court.
   D.   It shall be unlawful for any person required to be licensed as a landlord to permit any residential dwelling unit to be occupied unless the landlord is licensed and the individual dwelling unit is registered with the appropriate registration fee paid. In addition the occupancy permit required by title 9, chapter 2 of this Code shall be required.
   E.   No residential dwelling unit may hereinafter be rented or leased to a new occupant unless it is registered to a properly licensed landlord as required by this chapter. (Ord. 7674, 12-19-2018, eff. 1-1-2019)