§ 6.24.050  SERVICE OF NOTICE.
   Such notice shall be given in the manner set forth in this section:
   (A)   The official as may be designated by the City Manager, shall cause a notice or notices to be posted in a conspicuous place on or in front of the property upon which or from which such nuisance exists as follows:
      (1)   One notice shall be posted on or in front of each separately owned parcel;
      (2)   Not more than two notices shall be posted on or in front of any parcel having a frontage of more than 50 feet and not more than 100 feet;
      (3)   If the frontage of any parcel is greater than 100 feet, notices shall be placed at intervals of not more than 100 feet.
   (B)   As an alternative to posting of such notice or notices, as prescribed in division (A), above, the designated officer may cause a similar notice to be mailed by United States mail, to the owner of the subject property as shown upon any city record, or upon the last equalized assessment roll or at his last known address, whichever he shall determine to be the best means of serving notice upon the actual owner. The addresses of the owners shown upon such records shall be conclusively deemed to be the proper address for the purpose of mailing such notices. The failure of the owner to receive such notice shall not affect the power of the city or of its officers or employees to proceed as provided in this chapter. Such notice shall be mailed not less than ten days prior to the date set for a hearing upon objections as provided in § 6.24.060.
('86 Code, § 6.24.050) (Ord. 3438, passed  - - )