6.20.010   Litter defined
   6.20.020   Litter in public places
   6.20.030   Placement of litter in receptacles so as to prevent scattering
   6.20.040   Sweeping litter into gutters
   6.20.050   Duty to keep sidewalks free of litter
   6.20.060   Litter on occupied private property
   6.20.070   Owner to maintain premises free of litter
   6.20.080   Litter on vacant lots
   6.20.090   Notice to remove
   6.20.100   Time limit for owner disposal
   6.20.110   Form of notice
   6.20.120   Director of Public Works to keep record
   6.20.130   Action upon noncompliance
   6.20.140   Charge to owner
   6.20.150   Report of assessments
   6.20.160   Mailing of statements and notices
   6.20.170   Notice of hearing on report
   6.20.180   Report; hearing and proceedings
   6.20.190   Assessment of costs and expenses against property; lien