Whenever such other official as may be desig-nated by the City Manager, finds that weeds, rubbish or dirt are growing, located or existing upon any property within the city in violation of the provisions of this chapter or of any other provision of this code, which may endanger or injure neighboring property or endanger or injure the welfare of the residents in the vicinity of such property, or which may become a fire hazard, the official as may be designated by the City Manager, shall give, or cause to be given, notice in the manner and in the form specified in this chapter requiring the abatement of such nuisance and stating that unless such nuisance be abated without delay by the destruction or removal of the weeds, rubbish and dirt, the nuisance will be abated by city authorities and the expense thereof assessed upon the lots, parcels and lands from or on which such nuisance was abated.
('86 Code, § 6.24.030) (Ord. 3438, passed  - - )