5.08.010   Permitted types of auction sales
   5.08.020   Tag containing description to be attached to articles
   5.08.030   Requirements for jewelry tags
   5.08.040   Limitation on percentage of inventory offered at sale
   5.08.050   Stock on consignment
   5.08.060   Fraud; substitution of articles; false bidders
   5.08.070   Hours of holding auctions
   5.08.080   Auctioneer's license required
   5.08.090   Auctioneer's license; application
   5.08.100   Auctioneer's license; fee; bond
   5.08.110   Auctioneer's license; term
   5.08.120   Auctioneer's license; amount of daily fees
   5.08.130   Auctioneer's license; revocation
   5.08.140   Auction permit; application; inventory; deposit
   5.08.150   Auction permit; investigation of application
   5.08.160   Auction permit issuance
   5.08.170   Auction permit; Director of Finance to be represented at sale
   5.08.180   Auction permit fees to be in addition to other license fees
   5.08.190   Period when permit not to be issued
   5.08.200   Auction permit; items to be identified when sold
   5.08.210   Art auction permit required
   5.08.220   Art auction permit application
   5.08.230   Art auction permit application fee
   5.08.240   Art auction permit issuance
   5.08.250   Certain sections not applicable to art auctions
   5.08.260   Hours of sale of antiques
   For provisions concerning auction of unclaimed property by Police Department, see Chapter 3.24