(A)   Upon receipt of the application and deposit required by the preceding section, the City Treasurer shall cause an investigation thereof to be made. The City Treasurer shall cause each item of the inventory submitted to be checked with the actual item in the applicant's place of business, and shall cause an investigation to be made to ascertain the truthfulness of the sworn statement submitted by the applicant, and to determine whether the items described in the inventory are a bona fide part of the applicant's stock in trade. The applicant shall be charged the sum of $20 for each day, or fraction thereof, required to make such investigation. Such amount shall be deducted from the deposit made by the applicant with the City Treasurer and the amount that remains in the hands of the City Treasurer after such deduction shall be repaid to the applicant.
   (B)   If the deposit of $50 is insufficient to pay the cost of making the investigation, the City Treasurer shall notify the applicant in writing of that fact and shall set forth the estimated additional necessary expense for completing such investigation, and the applicant shall deposit with the City Treasurer such additional amount. If such additional amount is not deposited within five days after receipt of such notice, the application shall lapse and any further proceedings for a permit must be pursuant to a new application.
('86 Code, § 5.08.150) (Ord. 2449, passed  - - )