(A)   Procedure for payment of penalty.  For the purpose of regulating the use of lots, streets and traffic thereon and as a deterrent to the abuse of parking privileges provided in this code, a fine shall be charged for overtime or illegal parking in any parking lot, which fine shall be in the amount set by resolution of the City Council. Any overtime parking violation on any municipal parking lot which continues for a longer period of time than one hour shall be deemed to be a continuing violation and each complete one hour period plus any remaining fraction of any hour shall be deemed to be a separate violation.
   (B)   Notice of violation. City employees charged with the duty of enforcement of the provisions of this code relating to time limitations in parking lots shall, when any vehicle is unlawfully parked overtime, as prohibited in this code, issue a written notice thereof pursuant to § 11.38.070 of this code. Such notice of violation shall be served pursuant to § 11.38.080 of this code.
   (C)   Failure to pay.  Should any such fine not be paid and deposited as provided herein, then the person committing such violation shall be subject to the penalties provided in this code and in the Vehicle Code and other laws of the state of California applicable to traffic violations within the city, and necessary civil administrative proceedings shall be instituted in the city's Finance Department by the city employee charged with the enforcement of parking regulations as provided in Cal. Veh. Code §§ 40200 et seq.
('86 Code, § 12.08.010) (Ord. 3206, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 3349, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 3859, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 4236, passed  - - )  Penalty, see § 12.08.035