WHEREAS, it is deemed necessary and proper in the public interest that the provisions of certain of the various ordinances of the city of Aledo heretofore in force and effect be codified; and that certain ordinances and parts thereof be repealed; and that new provisions be made as hereinafter set forth.
   THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the city council of the city of Aledo, Illinois, that the following be and the same is hereby adopted as the city code of Aledo, Illinois.
(Here is inserted the contents of the book entitled city code of Aledo, Illinois, 1969, prepared and copyrighted by Sterling Codifiers, Inc., with the exception of the following:
Section 4-1-1: Adoption Of Building Code;
Section 4-2-1: Adoption Of Plumbing Code;
Section 4-3-1: Adoption Of National Electrical Code;
Section 5-4-1: Fire Prevention Code;
Section 7-7-1: Adoption Of U.S. Public Health Service Ordinance).
(Chapter numbers, titles, and section numbers are preserved for future provisions and ordinances).
   This ordinance shall be printed in book form, and the printing thereof in such form, copyright 1969, by Sterling Codifiers, Inc. is hereby declared to be published by authority of the city council of the city of Aledo, Illinois, and such printing and book shall at all times hereafter be available for public inspection in the office of the city clerk, which shall constitute publication of this ordinance as provided by law.
   This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after the 1st day of May, 1970.
Passed: April 20, 1970
Approved: April 20, 1970