All buildings where garbage or rubbish are produced shall be provided with garbage and rubbish receptacles, and the receptacles shall be made of galvanized iron or other suitable material and shall be tightly covered and emptied frequently to prevent fermentation and bad odors. Garbage and rubbish receptacles and vaults shall be emptied, cleaned and disinfected at reasonable intervals by the owner or occupant of the property as necessary to prevent odors, the breeding of noxious insects or vermin or other unwholesome conditions. The owner or occupant of the premises shall cause all such rubbish or garbage (other than properly shredded garbage disposed through the municipal sewage system or an authorized private sewage disposal system or garbage and other biodegradable matter used in composting as permitted under § 50.06) to be periodically hauled away at reasonable intervals by himself or herself or a municipal or private disposal service and properly disposed of at an authorized disposal site or to be so hauled away at any time upon the written order of the Town Marshal or health officer.
(`86 Code, § 3-2-4) (Ord. 6, passed -1-2-39; Am. Ord. 86-C3, passed 7-15-86)