110.01   Definitions
   110.02   Requirements for doing business
   110.03   Primary business located outside city limits
   110.04   Agents responsible for obtaining business tax receipt
   110.05   Branch establishments
   110.06   More than one business at the same location
   110.07   Business tax receipt and payment of business tax by certain persons required
   110.08   Imposition and levy of tax
   110.09   Failure of due notice
   110.10   Business tax receipt; due dates and delinquency
   110.11   Persons engaging in business without business tax receipt; penalty
   110.12   Transfer; renewal
   110.13   Posting when issued for fixed place of business
   110.14   Issuance of duplicate
   110.15   Control of issue, reissue, transfer, revocation, right of appeal
   110.16   Right to entry to places of business or profession
   110.17   Charitable solicitation
   110.18   Nonprofit organization
   110.19   Business tax receipt fee refunds
   110.20   Exemptions
   110.21   Business tax receipt required for tenants in municipal owned/leased facilities within corporate limits
   110.22   Right of Council to change, alter, increase, decrease, or revoke business tax receipt unaffected by adoption of chapter
   110.23   Property used in licensed business not exempt from other taxation
   110.24   Requirement to report status of fictitious name registration
   110.25   Issuance of business tax receipt and payment of tax not to be construed as authorizing conduct of illegal business
   110.26   Circuses, carnivals, fairs, and tent shows
   110.27   Compliance with state-imposed requirements
   110.28   Schedule of fees
   110.29   Severability of chapter
   110.99   Penalty