General Provisions
   111.001   Short title
   111.002   Definitions
   111.003   Authority
   111.004   Scope
   111.005   Construction
   111.006   Purpose
   111.007   Findings of fact
   111.008   Regulation of obscenity subject to state law
   111.009   Regulation of massage establishments subject to state law
   111.020   Responsibilities of City Council, City Manager, and Department
   111.021   Adult entertainment license required; classifications
   111.022   Application for adult entertainment license; fee
   111.023   Investigation of application
   111.024   Grant; denial
   111.025   Terms of license
   111.026   Annual license fees
   111.027   Records and reports
   111.028   Transfer of license
   111.029   Changing name of establishment
   111.030   Suspension of license
   111.031   Revocation of license
   111.040   Adult entertainment permit required
   111.041   Application requirement for adult entertainment permit
   111.042   Temporary permit
   111.043   Investigation of application
   111.044   Grant; denial
   111.045   Contents of permit; scope and term
   111.046   Permit fee
   111.047   Suspension of permit
   111.048   Revocation of permit
General Operational Rules
   111.060   General requirements
   111.061   Adult theaters
   111.062   Adult dancing establishments
Prohibited Acts
   111.075   Operation of establishment without valid adult entertainment license unlawful
   111.076   Operation of establishment contrary to certain requirements
   111.077   Allowing employee to engage in prohibited acts unlawful
   111.078   Advertising a prohibited activity unlawful
   111.079   Minors prohibited
   111.080   Working at establishment which does not have valid adult entertainment license unlawful
   111.081   Working without permit prohibited
   111.082   Engaging in prohibited activity
   111.083   Touching of employee by patron unlawful
   111.084   Exceeding occupancy limit of adult booth
   111.085   Use of restrooms or dressing rooms
   111.086   Hours of operation
   111.087   Alteration of license or permit unlawful
   111.088   False statement in applying for license or permit unlawful
Administration and Enforcement
   111.100   Appeals
   111.101   Notice
   111.102   Immunity from prosecution
   111.103   Powers of City Council
   111.999   Penalty
   Indecent exposure in alcoholic beverage establishments, see § 112.08
   Indecent exposure, see § 130.50