§ 191-14  Miscellaneous Provisions.
   (A)   Pretreatment  charges and fees. The city may adopt reasonable fees for reimbursement of costs of setting up and operating the city’s pretreatment program.
      (1)   Pretreatment permit fees.
         (a)   Permit fees – new permits.
            1.   Categorical industrial user: $ 1,100.
            2.   Significant industrial user: $700.
            3.   General user: $300.
            4.   General - dewatering: $125.
         (b)   Permit fees – renewal of existing permits.
            1.   Categorical industrial user: $700.
            2.   Significant industrial user: $400.
            3.   General user: $175.
      (2)   Other program activity fees.
         (a)   Facility inspection: $280.
         (b)   Twenty-four hour composite sample collection: $240.
         (c)   Grab sample collection: $200.
      (3)   Commercial laboratory charges. When the services of a commercial laboratory are needed, the city will utilize a laboratory which has been licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services. The cost of laboratory testing will depend upon the tests requested and the laboratory used and those costs as well as all shipping and handling charges will be assessed to the individual user.
      (4)   Wastewater cost of services charge. A cost of service charge shall be paid to the city by those user wastewater discharges whose contributions of suspended solids and/or biochemical oxygen demand, and/or flow (wastewater flow meter) creates costs in excess of a typical discharge. Fees will be prescribed per The City of Yuma Schedule of Wastewater Rates Resolution.
      (5)   Discrepancies between actual and reported industrial wastewater discharge quantities.
         (a)   Should measurements or other investigations reveal that a user is discharging a flow rate, or a quantity of flow, suspended solids, biochemical oxygen demand, or other regulated substance, significantly in excess of that stated on the industrial wastewater permit or in excess of the quantities reported to the city by the user and upon which the industrial wastewater treatment surcharge is based, the user shall be assessed for all delinquent charges together with the penalty and interest provided for in at least two additional 24 hour samples, and flow measurements shall be obtained by the city with all costs of sampling and analyses to be paid by the discharger.
         (b)   For the purpose of establishing the correct treatment surcharge, the data obtained in these samplings along with any other relevant information obtained by the city or presented by the user shall be used by the Director of Utilities in determining the quantity parameters for use in the surcharge formula.
      (6)   Discharge fee – recreational vehicle sewage holding tank. A fee of $1.50 shall be charged by the city for each recreation vehicle’s holding tank discharged into a permitted commercial servicing facility.
      (7)   (a)   Contractual arrangements – rates.
         (b)   Special contractual arrangements are to be used for situations involving other governmental agencies or users, requiring additional treatment of their wastewater discharges.
            1.   The city is authorized to make special contractual arrangements with users, except that in no event shall the rates be charged to users situated outside of the cooperate limits of the City of Yuma be less than the comparable charges charged to residential users within the same classification.
            2.   In no event shall any contractual arrangements for non-city users be at a cost less than the actual cost incurred by the city.
      (8)   Other fees may include:
         (a)   Fees for reviewing and responding to accidental discharge procedures and construction;
         (b)   Fees for filing appeals;
         (c)   Fees to recover administrative and legal costs associated with the enforcement activity taken by the Director of Utilities to address IU noncompliance; and
         (d)   Other fees as the city may deem necessary to carry out the requirements contained herein. These fees relate solely to the matters covered by this chapter and are separate from all other fees, fines, and penalties chargeable by the city.
   (B)   Severability. If any provision of this chapter is invalidated by any court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions shall not be affected and shall continue in full force and effect.
(Ord. O2019-007, passed 2-6-2019)