§ 211-12  Traffic Signal and Lighting Specifications and Standards.
   The Signals and Lighting Standard Drawing (T.S. Standards), current edition, prepared and adopted by the Arizona Department of Transportation and available on the Arizona Department of Transportation website, is adopted as the official specifications and drawings of the City, regulating the purpose of materials and equipment and the erection of traffic signals on public streets in the City. Each of the regulations, provisions, conditions and terms of this publication is adopted and incorporated into this Chapter by reference and as may be amended in the future.
('80 Code, § 30-26) (Ord. 977, passed 4-21-65; Ord. 2662, passed 7-6-94; Ord. 2675, passed 11-2-94; Ord. O2021-023, passed 8-4-21)
Statutory reference:
   Adoption of codes by reference, see A.R.S. 9-801 et seq.
   Local traffic control devices must meet state specifications, see A.R.S. 28-643