§ 154-04.01  Zoning Districts Established.
   (A)   Classifications.  For the purpose of this chapter, the city is hereby divided into zoning districts and overlay districts as follows:
      (1)   Rural and low density residential zoning districts:
         (a)   Agriculture District (AG);
         (b)   Suburban Ranch District (SR-1, 2, 3, 4);
         (c)   Residential Estate District (RE-12, 18, 35);
         (d)   Low Density Residential (R-1-6, 8, 12, 20, 40); and
         (e)   Low Density Single-Family Residential District (R-l-5).
      (2)   Multiple-family residential zoning districts:
         (a)   Medium Density Residential District (R-2);
         (b)   Medium Density Single-Family Residential District (R-2-5); and
         (c)   High Density Residential District (R-3).
      (3)   Manufactured housing and recreational vehicle zoning districts:
         (a)   Manufactured Housing Subdivision District (MHS);
         (b)   Recreational Vehicle Subdivision District (RVS);
         (c)   Manufactured Housing Park District (MHP); and
         (d)   Residence-Manufactured Housing District (R-MH-6, 8, 10, 12, 20).
      (4)   Commercial zoning districts:
         (a)   Transitional District (TR);
         (b)   Planned Shopping Center District (PSC);
         (c)   Limited Commercial District (B-1);
         (d)   General Commercial District (B-2); and
         (e)   Business Park District (BP).
      (5)   Industrial zoning districts:
         (a)   Industrial Park District (I-P);
         (b)   Light Industrial District (L-I); and
         (c)   Heavy Industrial District (H-I).
      (6)   Old Town District (OT);
      (7)   Historic Park District (HP);
      (8)   Military Reservation District (MR);
      (9)   Recreation and Open Space District (RO); and
      (10)   Overlay zoning districts:
         (a)   Aesthetic (AO);
         (b)   AutoCenter (ACO);
         (c)   Bed and Breakfast (BB);
         (d)   Historic (H);
         (e)   Airport District (AD);
         (f)   Public (P);
         (g)   Planned Unit Development (PUD); and
         (h)   Smart Growth Overlay (SGO).
   (B)   Specific plans.
      (1)   Generally.  The city has adopted the following specific plans.
      (2)   Cielo Verde Specific Plan (CVSP).  That certain document known as the Cielo Verde Specific Plan, three copies of which are on file in the office of the City Clerk, which document was made a public record by Resolution No. R2001-30 of the city, is hereby referred to, adopted and made a part hereof as if fully set out in this section; or as may be amended. See Appendix A: Cielo Verde Specific Plan.
(Ord. O2001-53, passed 6-20-2001; Ord. O2007-53, passed 10-3-2007; Ord. O2010-12, passed 2-3-2010; Ord. O2010-32, passed 7-7-2010; Ord. O2010-45, passed 9-1-2010; Ord. O2010-46, passed 9-1-2010)