§ 135-04  Regulation of Smoking in Workplace.
   (A)   An employer shall, upon the request of an employee, designate a workplace, or portion thereof, as a nonsmoking area.  Any employer with a nonsmoking area shall:
      (1)   Have and implement a written policy on smoking which conforms to this subchapter;
      (2)   Make the policy available for inspection by employees;
      (3)   Prominently display reasonably sized signs conspicuous to ordinary public view, indicating that smoking is prohibited; and
      (4)   Provide facilities in sufficient numbers and at such locations to be readily accessible for the extinguishment of smoking materials (i.e., ashtrays).
   (B)   No employee shall be terminated or subject to disciplinary action solely as a result of his or her complaint about smoking or nonsmoking in the workplace.
('80 Code, § 19-64)  (Ord. 2368, passed 8-19-87)  Penalty, see § 135-99