§ 132-18  Impact Review Fee Schedule.
   (A)   An impact review fee schedule is hereby established to defray the costs of the review process and the additional or unique safety equipment required by the city emergency response services to deal with emergencies associated with hazardous materials at those facilities.  Fees are based upon the characteristics and quantities of hazardous materials on hand.
   (B)   The impact review fee schedule is as follows:
      (1)   Submissions requiring only the identification and quantities of the materials and a site plan, known as the “short form” inventory:  $75.
      (2)   Submissions requiring not only the information mentioned above, but also mitigation actions planned for incident scenarios for not more than one hazardous material that exceeds the threshold quantity listed on the “long form” inventory:  $150.
      (3)   Submissions that meet the criteria listed in § 132-16 for more than one hazardous material:  $250.
('80 Code, § 11.5-34)  (Ord. 2655, passed 6-1-94)