§ 132-05  Standard Rate Schedule, Procedures and Regulations.
   The following provisions are adopted as the standard rate schedule, procedures and regulations regarding recovering costs incurred in responding to or recovering from spills or releases of hazardous materials or substances:
   (A)   In establishing costs, the City Council considers as relevant factors the following:
      (1)   Costs of fuel, equipment, and supplies;
      (2)   Training costs and wages of personnel;
      (3)   Operating and maintenance expenses;
      (4)   Capital expenditures such as the purchase of vehicles and other equipment; and
      (5)   Deterioration and replacement required of equipment due to ordinary wear and tear.
   (B)   Standard rate schedule.
Standard Rate Schedule (Per Hour)
Haz-mat van
Command vehicle
   (C)   A two-hour minimum charge will apply to all responses.
   (D)   Mileage, outside the corporate limits of the city, will be computed at $2 per mile, per vehicle, to and from the point of the remedial action site.
   (E)   There will be full cost recovery, including overhead and all materials and equipment.
   (F)   The salary of individuals compensated on an hourly basis shall include all benefits and overhead costs which are not provided as part of the rate schedule.
('80 Code, § 11.5-25)  (Ord. 2636, passed 11-17-93)