§ 132-03  Selection of Remedial Actions; Consideration of Factors.
   In selecting remedial actions, the Fire Chief shall consider the following factors:
   (A)   Population, environmental, and welfare concerns at risk.
   (B)   Routes of exposure.
   (C)   Amount, concentration, hazardous properties, environmental fate, such as the ability to bio-accumulate, persistence and probability of reaching the waters of the state, and the form of the substance present.
   (D)   Physical factors affecting human exposure, such as hydrogeology, climate and the extent of previous and expected migration.
   (E)   The extent to which a responsible party can be identified and the ability of that party to reimburse the city for remedial action costs.
   (F)   The extent to which the amount of water available for beneficial uses will be preserved by a particular type of remedial action.
   (G)   The technical practicality and cost effectiveness of remedial actions applicable to a site.
   (H)   The availability and practicality of other appropriate federal, state, county or other remedial action enforcement mechanisms such as the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to respond to the release.
('80 Code, § 11.5-23)  (Ord. 2636, passed 11-17-93)