§ 130-096  Biting Dogs or Cats Confined; Licensed and Unlicensed.
   (A)   Licensed.  A dog or cat properly licensed and vaccinated pursuant to this chapter, that bites any person, may be confined and quarantined at the home of the owner or wherever the dog is harbored and maintained with the consent of, and in a manner prescribed by the city enforcement agent. ('80 Code, § 6-151)
   (B)   Unlicensed.  An unlicensed or unvaccinated dog that bites any person shall be confined and quarantined in a pound at the owner's expense, or upon request of and at the expense of the owner, at a veterinary hospital for a period of not less than ten days. ('80 Code, § 6-152)
   (C)   Exclusions.  The provisions of this subchapter shall not apply to dogs in service with a law enforcement agency.
(Ord. 1798, passed 12-20-78; Ord. O2011-03, passed 3-2-11)