§ 130-058  Area Limitations.
   (A)   Generally.  Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, it is hereby declared to be a nuisance and it shall be unlawful for any person to keep any animal within the city on any lot or parcel of land consisting of less than 10,000 square feet in area. ('80 Code, § 6-86)
   (B)   Poultry; consent.  Poultry may be kept on a lot or parcel of land within the city consisting of an area less than 10,000 square feet if written permission consenting to the keeping of poultry on such lot or parcel is first obtained from all of the lawful occupants and the lawful owners of adjoining lots or parcels of land which are located in the immediate vicinity of the property whereon the poultry is kept. ('80 Code, § 6-87)
   (C)   Exceptions.  The provisions of divisions (A) and (B) shall not apply to the keeping of:
      (1)   Six  or fewer small household pets including, but not limited to, dogs or cats or any combination thereof per household; or
      (2)   Animals for commercial purposes where such use is established as a lawful use under the zoning ordinance of the city.
('80 Code, § 6-88)
   (D)   Number to area ratio for animals.  It shall be unlawful for any person to keep more than two large domestic animals, such as a horse, cow, burro, mule and similar animals or more than four sheep, goats and similar animals on any lot or parcel of land consisting of less than one acre. ('80 Code, § 6-89)
   (E)   Premises over one acre.  On a lot or parcel of land greater than one acre (43,560 square feet) the number of large domestic animals shall be determined as follows:
      (1)   One horse, cow, or similar animal, or two sheep, goats or similar animal shall be permitted for each 6,000 square feet of net lot area after deducting one-half acre for the home site.  Fractions of less than 6,000 square feet shall be rounded off.  Animals of six months or younger shall not be counted.
      (2)   No livestock commercial feeding lots, herein defined as a feeding or handling facility operated for the purpose of accommodating the needs of others in whole or in part for a fee or fees paid to the operator or owner for the accommodations, materials and services received, shall be permitted.
('80 Code, § 6-90)
(Ord. 1798, passed 12-20-78; Ord. 1826, passed 4-18-79; Ord. O2011-03, passed 3-2-11)  Penalty, see § 130-999