§ 76-04  Requirements for Operation.
   All taxicabs and taxi-service shall comply with the following.
   (A)   The taxi-service shall have proof of current fleet or individual insurance for any and all vehicles to be used in the business. The insurance must meet or exceed the minimum requirements as set forth by state law.
   (B)   Each taxicab shall be currently registered in accordance with state law. In addition, such registration must be in the vehicle at all times.
   (C)   Each taxi-service shall provide an area within the taxicab where a business license and proof of insurance can be readily and easily seen by the customer.
   (D)   Each taxicab shall be in a state of good repair as required by A.R.S. Title 28 (e.g., good tires, brakes, proper lights and seat belts).
   (E)   Each taxicab shall have openly and clearly displayed to customers the fares and/or computations of fares.
   (F)   The name of the taxi-service shall be displayed on each front door of the vehicle. All words shall be legible. Minimum letter size shall be three inches in height. Magnetic signs are not permitted under this subsection.
   (G)   Each taxicab shall have openly and clearly displayed to customers a picture identification of the current driver of the vehicle.
   (H)   Each taxicab shall be supplied with a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit, which must be in good repair and functional.
(Ord. O2000-01, passed 1-5-00)  Penalty, see § 76-99