Sec. 1.  Boards and commissions.
   (a)   City Council powers.  The City Council may, by ordinance or resolution, create, change or abolish such Boards and Commissions as, in its judgment, are now required or hereinafter provided by law; and may grant to such Boards and Commissions powers and duties that are consistent with the provisions of the Charter.  (Gen. Elec. 12/6/77; Gen. Elec. 11/6/01)
   (b)   Appointment and removal.  The City Council, upon a majority vote of all its members, shall appoint or remove any Board and Commission member.  (Gen. Elec. 12/6/77)
   (c)   Terms.  The terms of Board and Commission members shall be no more than five (5) years.  (Gen. Elec. 12/6/77)
   (d)   Residency.  All Board and Commission members shall be residents of the City of Yuma and their term of office shall cease upon their removal from the City.  (Gen. Elec. 12/6/77)
   (e)   Sunset law.  The City Council shall on an annual basis review all current Boards and Commissions and determine whether such Board or Commissions are necessary or should be abandoned.  (Gen. Elec. 12/1/81)