To apply for a temporary emergency dwelling permit, the parcel owner shall submit a completed application on a form supplied by the planning department. In addition, the parcel owner must submit copies of issued applicable permits for the repairing or rebuilding of the permanent dwelling intended for the owner’s occupation on the subject parcel. The temporary emergency dwelling permit application shall be accompanied by:
   (A)   A site plan drawn to a scale large enough to allow determination of the following:
      (1)   The size and boundaries of the parcel;
      (2)   The size and location of access, including driveways and access easements, from the parcel to a county, state or public road;
      (3)   The approximate location and size of all existing structures on the parcel; and
      (4)   The proposed location and size of the temporary dwelling;
   (B)   A description of the proposed dwelling; and
   (C)   A notarized statement signed by all owners of the parcel (excluding lien holders) setting forth the circumstances which necessitate the temporary dwelling.
(Ord. 1409, passed 4-6-09; Am. Ord. 2716, passed 6-20-16)