General Provisions
   155.001   Authority
   155.002   Title
   155.003   Jurisdiction
   155.004   Overview
   155.005   Rules for interpretation of district boundaries
   155.006   Change to district boundaries
   155.007   Custodian of the Official Zoning and Development Standards Map
   155.008   Compliance with applicable district regulations
   155.009   Definitions
   155.010   Permitted uses and special exceptions
Agricultural Conservation District (AGC)
   155.020   Purpose
   155.021   Permitted uses
   155.022   Special exceptions
   155.023   Right to farm
Agricultural Conservation I District (ACG-I)
   155.035   Purpose
   155.036   Permitted uses
   155.037   Special exceptions
   155.038   Right to farm
Rural Development District (RUD)
   155.045   Purpose
   155.046   Permitted uses
   155.047   Special exceptions
Rural Development I District (RUD-I)
   155.060   Purpose
   155.061   Permitted uses
   155.062   Special exceptions
Residential Conservation I District (RC-I)
   155.075   Purpose
   155.076   Permitted uses
   155.077   Special exceptions
Residential Conservation II District (RC-II)
   155.090   Purpose
   155.091   Permitted uses
   155.092   Special exceptions
Residential Development I District (RD-I)
   155.100   Purpose
   155.101   Permitted uses
   155.102   Special exceptions
Residential Development II District (RD-II)
   155.110   Purpose
   155.111   Permitted uses
   155.112   Special exceptions
Business Development I District (BD-I): Convenience
   155.125   Purpose
   155.126   Permitted uses
Business Development II District (BD-II): Office and Institutional
   155.135   Purpose
   155.136   Permitted uses
Business Development III District (BD-III): General
   155.145   Purpose
   155.146   Permitted uses
   155.147   Special exceptions
Industrial Development District (ID)
   155.160   Purpose
   155.161   Permitted uses
   155.162   Special exceptions
Light Industrial District (LI)
   155.175   Purpose
   155.176   Permitted uses
   155.177   Special exceptions
Urban Development District (UD)
   155.190   Purpose
   155.191   Permitted uses
   155.192   Special exceptions
Planned Development District (PD)
   155.205   Purpose
   155.206   Permitted uses
   155.207   Single parcel development standards
   155.208   Multiparcel, residential subdivision or commercial park development standards
   155.209   General design criteria and development standards
   155.210   Submission process of site plan and application to zoning department for review
   155.211   Process for Planning Department review and conference
   155.212   Planning Department response to Planning Commission
   155.213   Actions by Planning Commission and County Council
   155.214   Planning Department action on approved PD amendment
   155.215   Changes in approved plans
Traditional Neighborhood District (TND)
   155.225   Purpose
   155.226   District requirements
   155.227   Traditional Neighborhood Development model
   155.228   Definitions
   155.229   Administrative procedures
   155.230   Permitted uses
   155.231   Prohibited uses
   155.232   Special exceptions
   155.233   Development standards; required land use ratios
   155.234   Density distribution and allowable densities
   155.235   General lot development standards
   155.236   Types of public use lots
   155.237   Ownership and maintenance of public use lots, greenways, and civic use buildings
   155.238   Street development standards
   155.239   Street standards
   155.240   Encroachment permitting (excluding utilities)
   155.241   Parking and loading standards
   155.242   Utilities
   155.243   Tree requirements for residential lots
Abandoned Cemeteries Overlay
   155.255   Purpose
   155.256   Administration
Airport Overlay
   155.270   Purpose
   155.271   Definitions
   155.272   Airport overlay district zones
   155.273   Applicability
   155.274   Development standards
   155.275   Permits, changes in use, nonconforming, and variances
Arterial Roads Development Standards Overlay District
   155.285   Purpose
   155.286   Definition
   155.287   Access
   155.288   [Reserved]
   155.289   Landscaping
   155.290   Off-street parking
   155.291   Utilities
   155.292   Grandfather clause
Lake Wylie and Catawba River Buffers
   155.320   Lake Wylie and Catawba River Buffers established
   155.321   Lake Wylie and Catawba River Buffers defined
   155.322   Nonconforming uses, exemptions and alternate requirements
   155.323   Definitions
   155.324   Basic requirements for all lots
   155.325   Waiver
   155.326   Approval procedures for permitted activities
   155.327   Inspections required
   155.328   Sale provision
   155.329   Appeals from decisions of zoning administrator
   155.330   Variance application requirements
   155.331   Violations and penalties
Lake Wylie Zoning Overlay District
   155.340   Purpose and intent
   155.341   Lake Wylie Overlay boundary
   155.342   Lake Wylie Overlay application regulation
   155.343   Lake Wylie Overlay sign regulations and standards
   155.344   Landscaping
   155.345   Other site planning standards
   155.346   Variances
   155.347   Temporary prohibition of new development
Scenic Overlay District
   155.360   Purpose
   155.361   Permitted uses
AGC and RUD Significant Historical and Architectural Sites Overlay
   155.370   Purpose and intent
   155.371   Historically and architecturally significant sites identified and listed
   155.372   Regulations imposed for development or subdivision of property including or property adjacent to historically or architecturally significant sites
   155.373   Destruction, removal or renovation of historically or architecturally significant structures; permit required
Preservation Tax Incentive
   155.375   Special tax assessment created
   155.376   Purpose
   155.377   Eligible properties
   155.378   Eligible rehabilitation
   155.379   Process
Transportation Corridor Preservation Overlay
   155.385   Purpose and intent
   155.386   Relation to generally required setback
   155.387   Administration
   155.388   Protection from encroachment
   155.389   Establishment of setbacks
   155.390   List of roads
Zoning District Development Standards
   155.400   Purpose and definition of bufferyards
   155.401   Location of bufferyards
   155.402   Determination of bufferyard requirements
   155.403   Responsibility for bufferyard
   155.404   Bufferyard specifications
   155.405   Bufferyard substitutions
   155.406   Use of bufferyards
   155.407   Bufferyards part of required yards
   155.408   Minimum plant size
   155.409   Required maintenance
   155.410   Clear cutting of bufferyards prohibited
   155.411   Required bufferyard
   155.412   Bufferyard tables
   155.413   Buffer requirements for expansion of existing manufactured home parks as a permitted use in the RD-II and UD district
Additional Requirements
   155.425   Curb cuts
   155.426   Erosion and sediment control requirements
   155.427   Impervious surface ration requirements
   155.428   Lot development requirements
   155.429   Residential density requirements in the RC, RD and BD-III zoning districts
   155.430   Open space requirements
Parking (Off-Street) and Loading
   155.440   Design standards
   155.441   Handicap parking space requirements
   155.442   Joint use of off-street parking lots
   155.443   Land to provide parking
   155.444   Off-street loading requirements
   155.445   Off-street parking requirements
   155.446   Parking, storage and use of certain vehicles
   155.447   Reduction of off-street parking space
Setup Standards for Single-Family Residential Dwellings
   155.460   Development standards
Sign Regulations
   155.470   Purpose
   155.471   Definitions
   155.472   Procedures
   155.473   General provisions
   155.474   Prohibited signs
   155.475   Signs not requiring a zoning compliance
   155.476   Signs for which a zoning compliance is required
   155.477   Sign regulations in the PD District
   155.478   Temporary signs for which a zoning compliance is required
   155.479   Removal, impoundment and destruction of signs
   155.480   Outdoor advertising displays
   155.481   Reader boards
Supplemental Regulations
   155.490   General
   155.491   Uses not permitted are prohibited
   155.492   Encroachment, reduction of lot area
   155.493   Measurement of front yard setback abutting street rights-of-way
   155.494   Modification of yard regulations
   155.495   Structures projecting into required yards
   155.496   Building height requirements and exceptions to height
   155.497   Public service uses
   155.498   Home occupations and cottage industries
   155.499   Conservation subdivisions
   155.500   Purpose and applicability
   155.501   General design standards
   155.502   Liability agreement
   155.503   Solar energy facilities
   155.504   Outdoor lighting standards
   155.505   Small wireless facilities
Communication Tower Public Service Use Requirements
   155.510   Definitions
   155.511   Approval requirements and criteria
   155.512   Appeals and variances
   155.513   Application requirements
   155.514   General requirements
   155.515   Development standards for towers
   155.516   Addition or change of antennae to existing towers
   155.517   Applicability
Tree Conservation
   155.530   Introduction and statement of purpose
   155.531   Jurisdiction
   155.532   Definitions
   155.533   Residential development standards
   155.534   Nonresidential standards
   155.535   Incentives for existing tree retention
   155.536   Permitting and verification requirements
   155.537   Maintenance requirements and reinspections for nonresidential sites
   155.538   Enforcement
   155.539   Appendices and guidelines
Nonconforming Uses
   155.550   Grandfather clause
   155.551   Nonconforming lots of record
   155.552   Change of nonconforming use
   155.553   Expansion of use within existing building
   155.554   Nonconforming buildings
   155.555   Discontinuance of nonconforming use
   155.556   Temporary/replacement of nonconforming uses
   155.557   Intermittent use
   155.558   Nonconforming signs
   155.559   Replacement of an existing single-family dwelling
   155.560   Expansions to nonconforming uses and nonconforming structures
   155.570   Amendment authorization and procedure
   155.571   Initiation of amendment
   155.572   Planning Commission report
   155.573   Declaration of policy
   155.574   Public hearing and notice thereof
   155.575   Action by County Council
   155.576   Resubmission of denied application
   155.577   Amendment requests where lands or uses thereon are in violation of this chapter
   155.578   Proposed changes to this chapter
   155.579   Conditional approvals
   155.590   Administration officer and responsibilities
   155.591   Appeal from the decision of the zoning administrator
   155.592   Appeals, hearing and notice
   155.593   Appeals from decisions of the Zoning Board of Appeals
   155.594   Application for zoning compliance
   155.595   Development permits and use zoning compliances required
   155.596   Zoning compliance approval for new or altered uses
   155.597   Zoning approvals, temporary or conditional
   155.598   Construction and use to be as provided in applications, site plans, zoning compliances and approvals
   155.599   Establishment of Zoning Board of Appeals
   155.600   Decisions of the Zoning Board of Appeals
   155.601   Powers and duties of the Zoning Board of Appeals
   155.602   Proceedings of the Zoning Board of Appeals
   155.603   Schedule of fees and charges
   155.604   Interpretation and conflict
   155.605   Validity
Recreation Tax District
   155.615   Creation and establishment
   155.616   Levy of ad valorem taxes
Bethel Rural Fire District
   155.625   Creation and establishment
   155.626   Levy of ad valorem taxes
Lake Wylie Parks and Recreation District
   155.630   Creation and establishment
   155.631   Levy of ad valorem taxes
Bethel-Lake Wylie Land Acquisition and Preservation Parks District
   155.645   Creation and establishment
   155.646   Levy of ad valorem taxes
   155.999   Penalty
Tree Ordinance Appendices and Guidelines
   Appendix A-1:   Planting detail - single stem tree
   Appendix A-2:   Planting detail - multi stem tree
   Appendix A-3:   Planting on a slope
   Appendix A-4:   Overhead power lines
   Appendix B-1:   Tree protection checklist
   Appendix B-2:   Tree protection plan requirements
   Appendix B-3:   Tree protection detail
   Appendix C-1:   Approved species list for York County Tree Ordinance planting requirements
   Guideline A:      Damaged/threatened tree definitions
   Guideline B:      Permit for tree work
   Guideline C:      Conservation/preservation guidelines
   Guideline D-1:   Planting area requirements and recommendations
   Guideline D-2:   Avoid sight conflicts
   Guideline D-3:   Prevent site conflicts
   Guideline D-4:   Watering of trees
Zoning and Development Standards Appendices
   Appendix A - Exhibit 1:   Major collector (w/curb and gutter)
   Appendix A - Exhibit 2:   Minor collector (w/curb and gutter)
   Appendix A - Exhibit 3:   Minor collector (w/o curb and gutter)
   Appendix A - Exhibit 4:   Local (parking on one side)
   Appendix A - Exhibit 5:   Local (no parking)
   Appendix A - Exhibit 6:   Traffic calming techniques
   Appendix A - Exhibit 7:   Major collector (with curb and gutter)
   Appendix A - Exhibit 8:   Major collector (w/o curb and gutter)
   Appendix A - Exhibit 9:   Minor collector (w/ curb and gutter)
   Appendix A - Exhibit 10:   Minor collector (w/o curb and gutter)
   Appendix A - Exhibit 11:   Local (parking on one side)
   Appendix A - Exhibit 12:   Local (no parking)
   Appendix A - Exhibit 13:   Local (Forecourt)
   Appendix A - Exhibit 14:   Local (close)
   Appendix A - Exhibit 15:   Alley (secondary access drive)
   Appendix A - Exhibit 16:   Application for encroachment permit
   Appendix B - Exhibit 1:   Deceleration lanes - commercial/industrial and residential
   Appendix B - Exhibit 2:   Deceleration lanes - commercial/industrial and residential
   Appendix B - Exhibit 3:   Permitted ground signs and prohibited pole sign
   Appendix B - Exhibit 4:   Catawba River buffer (map view) comprised of the primary and secondary buffers combined
   Appendix B - Exhibit 5:   Sight distance triangles
   Appendix C - Exhibit 1:   Utility lines and easements
   Appendix C - Exhibit 2:   Front bufferyard
   Appendix C - Exhibit 3:   Required buffer for expansion of an existing manufactured home park
   Appendix C - Exhibit 4:   Minimum lot width
   Appendix C - Exhibit 5:   Future development
   Appendix C - Exhibit 6A:   Alternate lot lay-outs
   Appendix C - Exhibit 6B:   Minimum lot width
   Appendix C - Exhibit 7:   Vinyl manufactured home kit installation setup standards
   Appendix C - Exhibit 8:   Sign height
   Appendix C - Exhibit 9A:   Sign area
   Appendix C - Exhibit 9B:   Wall area
   Appendix C - Exhibit 10:   Ground sign height
   Appendix C - Exhibit 11:   Directory sign area
   Appendix C - Exhibit 12:   Sign types
   Appendix D - Exhibit 1:   Code of York County performance standards agreement
   Appendix D - Exhibit 2:   Airport overlay district airport land use protection zone disclosure statement
   Appendix D - Exhibit 3:   Airport field height and hazard map
   Appendix D - Exhibit 4:   Airport land use protection zone map
   Appendix D - Exhibit 5:   Bethel Rural Fire District Map
   Appendix D - Exhibit 6:   Lake Wylie Zoning Overlay District Map