Every temporary emergency dwelling permit authorized and issued in accordance with this chapter shall meet all of the following criteria and standards:
   (A)   There shall be no more than one temporary emergency dwelling per parcel;
   (B)   A current vehicular license shall be maintained for any recreational vehicle used as a temporary emergency dwelling. A recreational vehicle shall be defined as described in the Zoning Code;
   (C)   A temporary emergency dwelling shall be maintained in a manner which will facilitate its removal by the expiration date of the permit;
   (D)   The placement of the temporary emergency dwelling must meet SCDHEC requirements for water and wastewater connections and York County requirements for temporary electrical service;
   (E)   Setback requirements applicable to a residential structure shall be met.
(Ord. 1409, passed 4-6-09; Am. Ord. 2716, passed 6-20-16)