A.   Power To Issue: The city clerk, as designated by the city council, may, upon application from any person, firm, association or corporation, issue a license under the provisions of this chapter on a short term basis.
   B.   License Fee: The license fee required on any licenses issued under the provisions of subsection A of this section shall be at rates which are established by a majority vote of the city council and found in the city of Yerington fee schedule.
   C.   Term: Any license granted under the provisions of this section shall specify the total number of days for which the license is valid and such license shall terminate automatically at twelve o'clock (12:00) midnight of the last day so specified.
   D.   Compliance Required: Except as specifically stated in this section, any license issued under the provisions of this section, and the application therefor, shall be in accordance with all provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 07-02, 2-26-2007)