A.   Not Conclusive: No statement or affidavit required under any provision of this chapter shall be conclusive upon the city or upon any department, bureau, officer or agent thereof, and whenever it shall appear to the satisfaction of the city council that the statement or certificate does not set forth the true facts required by this chapter, the city council may withhold the approval of a license until such time as the applicant shall furnish satisfactory evidence of the truth of such statement or affidavit.
   B.   Confidentiality: The statements or affidavits pursuant to the provisions of this chapter seeking the issuance or renewal of a license shall be deemed confidential in character and shall not be subject to public inspection. It shall be the duty of the city clerk to so preserve and keep the statements that the contents may not become known except to the persons charged by law with the administration of this chapter. (Ord. 07-02, 2-26-2007)