A.   Contents; Form: Every person, firm, association or corporation desiring to obtain a license under the provisions of this chapter shall submit an application for such license to the city clerk, which application shall be on a form provided by the city and which shall contain, but not be limited to, the following information:
      1.   The name and address of the applicant;
      2.   The name and location of the business for which a license is sought;
      3.   The names and addresses of all persons who have any financial interest in the business sought to be licensed;
      4.   A full and complete description of all types of businesses, activities and occupations to be carried on by the business sought to be licensed;
      5.   Information necessary, and the applicant's authorization, to permit the city to perform a criminal background check of the applicant. In the event the background check reveals any current criminal proceedings involving the applicant, that fact may provide grounds for denial of the application.
   B.   Fee: An application fee per the city of Yerington's fee schedule is required on all businesses. (Ord. 07-06, 8-27-2007)