10-2-4: PERMITS:
   A.   Compliance Required: No building permit shall be issued for the erection or use of any structure or part thereof, or for the use of any land, which is not in accordance with the provisions of this title.
   B.   Certificate Of Occupancy: A certificate of occupancy shall be obtained from the building department before actual occupancy of any structure for which a building permit is required.
   C.   Contrary To Provisions: Any permit issued contrary to the provisions herein contained shall be void and of no effect.
   D.   Variance: In the case where a variance has been allowed, a permit sufficient to allow such work authorized, subject to conditions as imposed, shall be issued, providing such permit shall not be issued until all time limits for appeal have been exhausted and no appeal has been filed. (1973 Code § 17.12.040)
   E.   All Taxes Shall Be Paid: No application shall be accepted or considered filed with the city of Yerington until the taxes due on the subject property have been paid. This provision shall apply, but not be limited to, all applications for change of land, master plan amendments, special use permits, variances, reversion to acreage, parcel maps, division into large parcels, tentative maps, final maps, building permits and mobile home permits. Proof of payment of all taxes due shall be certified by the county treasurer. (Ord. 11-01, 2-28-2011)