As used in this title, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings indicated in this section:
ACCESSORY BUILDING: See definition of Building, Accessory.
ALLEY: A public thoroughfare or way of less than thirty feet (30') in width, or a secondary means of access to abutting property.
AUTO COURT, MOTEL: Two (2) or more accommodations for sleeping within a building used mainly by transients with an individual and/or private parking area attached or accessible to each unit.
AUTO SERVICE STATION: An area used exclusively for retail sales of fuels or oils, having storage tanks and pumps located thereon and including minor automotive repair and washing, but not including body repairs or battery rebuilding.
BILLBOARD: An outdoor advertisement making a material or service known; the matter so advertised being remote from point of sale.
BOARDING HOUSE OR ROOMING HOUSE: A building or portion thereof (not a motel) where for compensation, meals or lodging, or both, are provided for more than three (3) guests.
BUILDING: Any structure having a roof supported by columns or walls and used for the enclosure of persons, chattels or animals.
BUILDING, ACCESSORY: A detached subordinate building, the use of which is incidental to that of the main building on that lot.
BUILDING, MAIN: A structure devoted to the principal use of the lot on which it is situated.
BUILDING SETBACK: The distance between the property line and the nearest wall of the structure.
CHILDCARE FACILITY: A use where care is provided for unrelated children subject to the requirements of the state and the city. Categories allowed include:
Family daycare
Family home
Group home
CONSTRUCT: Includes erect, reconstruct, alter, and move in or upon.
DEPTH OF LOT: See definition of Lot Depth.
DWELLING: A building or portion thereof, used exclusively for residential purposes but not including hotels, clubs, boarding houses, rooming houses or institutions.
DWELLING, MULTIPLE-FAMILY: A detached building used by two (2) or more families living independently.
DWELLING, SINGLE-FAMILY: A detached building used by one family. A single-family dwelling includes a "manufactured home" as defined in Nevada Revised Statutes section 278.02095.
FAMILY: Any number of people living together as a nonprofit housekeeping unit and using common cooking facilities.
FRONT OF LOT: See definition of Lot, Front.
FRONT YARD: See definition of Yard, Front.
GAMING: Any legally constituted gambling enterprise authorized under state law, other than slot machines, when such machines are operated incidental to the conduct of a business.
GARAGE, PRIVATE: A space intended for and used by the private automobiles of families resident upon the property where it is located.
GARAGE, PUBLIC: A building for the care, repair, storage, hire or equipment of automobiles, including showrooms for the display or sale of new automobiles.
HOME OCCUPATION: A use customarily carried on by the dwelling occupant and incidental to the primary residential purpose, provided the residential character of the property is not changed. Such uses are subject to the following:
   A.   Not more than one occupation in any single dwelling;
   B.   Such use is confined to the occupants of the dwelling and not to exceed two (2) persons associated with the business;
   C.   No sale of goods, samples, materials or other objects on the premises, nor any storage or manufacture thereof;
   D.   Not more than one room containing more than twenty five percent (25%) of the total floor area of the dwelling for such use;
   E.   A sign not larger than seventy two (72) square inches in connection thereto;
   F.   No addition, alteration or remodeling which would change the residential character of the unit;
   G.   No occupation which would or might produce noise, odor, dust, smoke, or electrical disturbance or in any way interfere with the peace, contentment and general welfare of the area;
   H.   The use of special equipment or the repair or manufacture of goods or equipment may be approved subject to conditions;
   I.   No home occupations of any use entailing food handling, processing or packing, harboring of animals, automobile body and/or fender repair or similar activity; and
   J.   The use shall not impact vehicular traffic or parking.
JUNKYARD: Any space used for storage, abandonment or sale of junk, scrap material or similar waste, including the dismantling, demolition or abandonment of vehicles, machinery or parts.
LIVING UNIT: One or more rooms in a dwelling used or designed for use by one family exclusively.
LOT: A distinct part or parcel of land which is a portion of a subdivision, divided with the intent to transfer ownership or for building purposes and which abuts a means of access.
LOT DEPTH: The distance from the front to the rear lot lines, measured in the mean direction of the side lot lines.
LOT, FRONT: The narrowest dimension of a lot fronting a street.
LOT WIDTH: The horizontal distance between the side lot lines, measured at right angles to the lot depth at the midpoint between the front and rear lot lines.
MAIN BUILDING: See definition of Building, Main.
MOBILE HOME PARKS: An area, parcel, or tract of land having as its principal use the rental, leasing or occupancy of space by two (2) or more mobile homes on a permanent or semipermanent basis, including accessory buildings, structures or uses customarily incidental thereto.
MOTEL: See definition of Auto Court, Motel.
MULTIPLE-FAMILY DWELLING: See definition of Dwelling, Multiple-Family.
NONCONFORMANCE: Any use not in conformity with the provisions as set forth in this title and applicable to the district in which such use is located.
PARCEL: Any contiguous unit or units of land in the possession of, or recorded as the property of, one person.
PRIVATE GARAGE: See definition of Garage, Private.
PUBLIC GARAGE: See definition of Garage, Public.
REAR YARD: See definition of Yard, Rear.
RECREATIONAL VEHICLE PARK: A parcel or tract of land having as its principal use by the general public as temporary living quarters for recreational, educational, or vacation purposes, of two (2) or more spaces which provide power, water or sewer utility hookups for recreational vehicles.
REQUIRED AREA: The minimum area and width of a lot or a parcel necessary to permit its use under the provisions of this title and means, for the purpose of this title:
   A.   Any lot shown as part of a subdivision recorded as a final plat in the manner provided by law; or
   B.   Any parcel of land separated as a lot prior to November 8, 1963; or
   C.   Any lot or parcel which has an area and width not less than that required in the regulations set forth as applicable in the land use district in which it is located.
RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRY: The creation, construction, fabrication or assembly of artwork or craftwork within a dwelling, store or shop or within an accessory building thereto.
   A.   Specific uses permitted are pottery work, jewelry making, metal work not using equipment larger than hand tools, woodworking, sign painting, homemade clothing, leather work, lapidary, painting, sculpture, and similar uses.
   B.   When allowed in a residential district, no public display of stock in trade shall be allowed within the dwelling or accessory buildings nor shall the use change the residential character of the dwelling.
   C.   When allowed in a commercial district, the use shall not change the retail nature of the store or shop.
   D.   The use shall not cause any sustained, unpleasant or unusual noises, vibrations, noxious fumes or odors nor cause any parking or traffic congestion within the immediate area thereof.
ROOMING HOUSE: See definition of Boarding House Or Rooming House.
SIDE YARD: See definition of Yard, Side.
SIGN: Any advertising method by which a person, profession, business, commodity or fact is made known as relating to the property upon which such advertisement is located.
SINGLE-FAMILY DWELLING: See definition of Dwelling, Single-Family.
STREET: A public thoroughfare thirty (30) or more feet in width which affords a primary access to abutting property.
TEMPORARY BUILDING: A detached subordinate building the use of which is incidental to that of the main building on the same lot or parcel, on skids, or having no footing or foundation and less than two hundred (200) square feet in size.
USED: Includes arranged, designed or intended to be used.
WIDTH OF LOT: See definition of Lot Width.
YARD: An open space on the same lot or parcel with the building, extending from the building to the nearest lot line, to be unoccupied and unobstructed except as otherwise provided.
YARD, FRONT: A yard lying between the front of the main building and the front lot line and extending across the full width of the lot or parcel.
YARD, REAR: A yard lying between the rear of the main building and the rear lot line and extending across the full width of the lot or parcel.
YARD, SIDE: A yard lying between the side lot line and the main building and extending from the front lot line to the rear lot line. (1973 Code chapter 17.08; amd. Ord. 324, 2-28-2000; Ord. 326, 10-9-2000; Ord. 04-05, 6-28-2004; Ord. 05-09, 9-12-2005)