A.   Connection Required: All industrial, business and residential establishments within the city shall be connected with the municipal sewer system, and no other method of sewage disposal shall be used; provided, such establishments are capable of being served by and through the municipal system at the established rates.
   B.   Failure Or Refusal To Connect: If the owner of any improved property fails or refuses to make such connection after having been notified so to do by city officials, the city may discontinue furnishing water to the property. (1973 Code § 13.20.010)
   C.   Connection Charge: For connecting improved property within the city to the municipal sewer system see fees as listed on the city of Yerington fee schedule. (Ord. 03-11, 1-12-2004)
   D.   Maximum Connection Length: The total length of the connection, from the sewer line to the property line, shall not exceed fifty feet (50'). (1973 Code § 13.20.020; amd. 2001 Code)
   E.   Service Outside City: The city council may, from time to time, make and enter into contracts for the collection, carriage and treatment of sewage from property located outside the limits of the city and providing for payment to the city of proper charges for such service. (1973 Code § 13.28.010)