4-2-5: NOTICE:
   A.   Notice To Owner; Posting: Upon receipt of such verification, the city clerk shall mail by certified mail, return receipt requested, a notice of the complaint of existence of a nuisance to, or shall cause such notice to be served personally upon, the person owning the premises according to the current tax roll and to the person in possession, in charge, or in control of the yard, lot or premises upon which the nuisance exists. Such notice shall also be posted upon the yard, lot or premises where the nuisance exists. (1973 Code § 8.12.050)
   B.   Provision Of Notice: The notice shall require:
      1.   Commencement of work for the removal of the nuisance within seven (7) days after personal receipt or fourteen (14) days after posting and mailing of the notice, and removal of the nuisance within an agreed upon reasonable time after the commencement of work; or
      2.   Within said seven (7) or fourteen (14) days, request, in writing, that a hearing be held before the city council to determine if in fact a nuisance does exist, whether the nuisance should be abated or removed, or that it be shown that there is no nuisance or that the nuisance was caused by the city. (1973 Code § 8.12.060)