A.   Reports By Householders: Every householder in the city shall report in writing to the health officer or to the board of health, immediately, the name of every person boarding at his own house whom he shall have reason to believe to be sick with scarlet fever, diphtheria or any other dangerous, contagious or infectious disease, and any deaths occurring at his own house from such disease. (1973 Code § 8.08.010)
   B.   Quarantine Of Premises: Whenever a case of scarlet fever or any other contagious or infectious disease exists in any house or tenement, and it shall be deemed inexpedient to remove the person so affected to a hospital or other place, the health officer or any member of the board of health shall require all such persons to be kept closely confined in their respective dwellings or places of abode, and shall immediately cause to be erected a flag or other suitable notice setting forth the fact. No occupant thereof or any other person shall remove such flag or notice, as long as, in the opinion of the health officer or the board of health, it ought to remain on the premises. (1973 Code § 8.02.020)



2. For statutory provisions regarding administration of public health, see NRS chapter 439; for the provisions regarding city health boards and regulations, see NRS section 439.420 et seq., and title 2, chapter 2 of this code.