(a)   A Village entity that obtains approval for the use of a surveillance technology must submit to the Village Council, and make available on its public website, an annual surveillance report for each specific surveillance technology used by the Village entity within 12 months of Village Council approval, and annually thereafter on or before March 15 each year. The annual surveillance report shall, at a minimum, include the following information for the previous calendar year:
      (1)   A summary of why the surveillance technology was used, how the data/information was collected, and what other public agency the information was shared with unless the disclosure of such information would compromise a specific ongoing investigation or is otherwise deemed confidential by operation of law;
      (2)   Whether and how often collected surveillance data was shared with any external persons or entities, the name(s) of any recipient person or entity, the type(s) of data disclosed, under what legal standard(s) the information was disclosed, and the justification for the disclosure(s);
      (3)   A summary of complaints or concerns that were received about the surveillance technology;
      (4)   The results of any internal audits, any information about violations of the Surveillance Use Policy, and any actions taken in response;
      (5)   An analysis of any discriminatory or other adverse impact(s) the use of the surveillance technology may have had on the public's civil rights and civil liberties, including but not limited to those guaranteed by the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution and the Ohio Constitution; and
      (6)   Total annual costs for the surveillance technology, including personnel and other ongoing costs, and what source of funding will fund the technology in the coming year.
   (b)   Within 60 days of submitting and publicly releasing an annual surveillance report, the Village Council shall place the subject of the report on the Council agenda for discussion at a public meeting and allow for public comment. The public will also be encouraged to submit written comments or questions which will be addressed at the public input session.
   (c)   Based upon information provided in the annual surveillance report, the Village Council shall determine whether each surveillance technology identified in response to Section 607.06 has met the standard for approval set forth in Section 607.04. If it has not, the Village Council shall direct the use of the surveillance technology be discontinued or shall require modifications to the Surveillance Use Policy that will resolve the observed failures.
   (d)   Not later than June 15 of each year the Village Council or its designee shall post on its public web site all annual surveillance reports, along with a summary which states, for the prior year, the number of requests for approval submitted to Village Council under this chapter for funding, acquisition, or use of technology, the number of times the Village Council approved such requests, the number of times such requests were approved after requested modifications, and the number of times such requests were rejected.
(Ord. 2018-47. Passed 11-19-18.)