Before approving a request to fund, acquire, or use a surveillance technology, Village Council shall determine that the benefits of the surveillance technology outweigh its costs, that the proposal properly safeguards civil liberties, privacy rights, and civil rights, and that the proposed uses and deployments of the surveillance technology will not be based upon discriminatory or viewpoint-based factors or have a disparate impact on any community or group. To assist the public in participating in such an analysis, all approved surveillance use policies shall be made available to the public, at a designated page on the relevant Village entity's public website, for as long as the related surveillance technology remains in use. An approval for the funding, acquisition and/or use of a surveillance technology by the Village Council, where a risk of potential adverse impacts on civil rights or civil liberties has been identified in the Surveillance Use Policy pursuant to Section 607.03(C)(3), shall not be interpreted as an acquiescence to such impacts, but rather as an acknowledgment that a risk of such impacts exists and must be proactively avoided.
(Ord. 2018-47. Passed 11-19-18.)