(a)   Any time the Village Manager receives notification pursuant to Section 208.03, whether such notification is from the owner or a certified professional, Council may elect to hold a public meeting on the issues presented in said notification. In any case in which the notification includes a summary report or “no further action” letter pursuant to Section 208.03(e) or (f), the Village shall hold a public meeting within thirty days of such notification.
   (b)   At least fourteen days prior to the meeting, the Village Manager or his or her designee shall give written notice of the meeting to all abutting neighbors of the property where the voluntary action has occurred or is occurring, and shall publish notice of the meeting in at least one newspaper of general circulation within the Village. Documents that have been submitted to the Village pursuant to this chapter shall be made available for public review fourteen days in advance of the public meeting.
   (c)   Council shall run the public meeting. Public questions or comments at the public meeting shall be formally recorded. Written public comments sent to the Village Manager or his or her designee within fourteen days of the public meeting shall be part of the formal record. A copy of the formal record shall be forwarded by the Village Manager or his or her designee to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.
(Ord. 99-6. Passed 8-2-99.)