The person, firm, corporation or political subdivision desiring to exercise any license or privilege for which a permit is required by this chapter shall make application in writing to the City Manager or his duly authorized representative, setting forth the privilege desired, which application shall be accompanied by a plat or drawing when required, showing the location in the street or other public place where the privilege is desired, with reference to street and lot lines, and the dimensions of the portion of the public way to be used; provided however, that no privilege shall be granted for the construction or maintenance of a driveway over or through any gutter, curb or sidewalk which shall be more than thirty-five feet in width at the back edge of the sidewalk, nor shall any driveway opening be made in the radial portion of any curb at a street intersection, nor shall a permit be granted for any driveway to be constructed over or through a sidewalk in such a manner that the surface of the sidewalk will be slanted or inclined at the point of the driveway, except when a variance is authorized by the City Manager, or his duly authorized representative, by notation of same on the permit.
   No permit shall be granted for the exercise of any privilege which will constitute an unreasonable interference with the public use of any street, sidewalk, alley, lane or other public place or a menace to safety.
   Any such application for a permit shall be in the name of and be signed by the person, firm, corporation or political subdivision for whom the privilege is desired, and if the applicant is not the owner of the abutting property then such owner must join in the application and sign same; provided however, permits for gas and other utility services shall be issued only to the persons, firms or corporations duly authorized by license or franchise to make such installations, and the owner of the abutting property shall not be required to join in the application for the same. (1959 Code Sec. 901.03)