No person, firm, corporation or political subdivision, whether an abutting owner or tenant or otherwise, shall do or permit to be done by his or its agents, servants or employees, without first having obtained from the City Manager or his duly authorized representative a permit to do any of the following acts:
   (a)    Make any excavations in any street, sidewalk space, alley, lane or other public way or place;
   (b)    Remove, break or make holes in any pavement of the streets, sidewalks, sidewalk spaces or other public ways or places, or cut any curb;
   (c)    Construct, build, erect or place any article or structure in or upon, over or under a street, sidewalk, alley, lane, sidewalk space, public way or place;
   (d)    Make any improvement or change in the surface of any street, alley, lane, sidewalk or sidewalk space, or any other public way or place by grading, graveling, paving or laying sidewalks or curbing, or place or paint any sign or advertising matter on the surface of any such place;
   (e)    Construct, build or maintain any driveway over or through any gutter, curb or sidewalk.
      (1959 Code Sec. 901.01)