§ 133.001 DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   EMPLOYEE. Any person over 18 years of age, who renders any service in connection with the operation of a tattoo parlor and who receives compensation from the operator of the parlor or patrons.
   OWNER or OPERATOR. A person who owns or controls the operation of a tattoo parlor. This includes individuals, licensees, managers, lessees, sponsors, partnerships, corporations, societies, organizations, associations or any combination of individuals of whatever form or character.
   PATRON. Any person over 18 years age who receives a tattoo under such circumstances that it is reasonably expected that he or she will pay money or give any other consideration therefor.
   TATTOO PARLOR. Any place or establishment where tattooing is made available.
   TATTOOING. The creation of an indelible mark or figure upon the human body by insertion of pigment into or under the skin or by the production of scars.
(Prior Code, § 40-95) (Ord. 993, passed 6-5-1995; Ord. 1477, passed 6-17-2019)