Power to zone, plan, regulate businesses, etc.
4.   Section 4. The city may adopt a city plan; may provide a plan of streets and alleys for the distance of three (3) miles beyond the city limits and require that all streets and alleys in said district, dedicated to the public, shall conform therewith; may provide for the restriction or exclusion of business from certain districts of the city; may regulate, restrict and limit the number and location of oil and gasoline stations; may prescribe the limits of districts in the city within which wooden buildings and structures shall not be erected, placed, enlarged or repaired and may direct the manner of constructing buildings within such districts with respect to protection against fire and to the materials of which the walls, floors, partitions and roofs shall be constructed; may establish the building line of houses with relation to streets, the width and depth of lots and the amount of all space around houses; may regulate and control the construction and size of partition fences; may enact a building and house code and may require building permits for all buildings and structures erected in the city; may regulate the planting and setting of trees, shrubs, flowers and plants and the care thereof and may exercise jurisdiction over and may abate all diseased or noxious trees, shrubs and plants in the city; may regulate the construction and the materials used in all buildings and the maintenance thereof; may regulate, license or prohibit the construction, locality, size, height and the materials used in all bill-boards and the maintenance and use of the same; may regulate and control the construction of cellars and basements insofar as the same, in any manner, affects the public health; may regulate and enforce local police and sanitary regulations, may provide for the approval of all plats of land subject to such terms and conditions as may be deemed best; may regulate and control the disposition and handling of garbage, ashes, dead animals and any other article or thing detrimental to public health or good sanitation; may regulate and control food supplies and food products; may maintain, operate, license, own and control public fuel supplies and markets of every kind; may regulate, control or prohibit the exhibition of fireworks, and the storing handling, disposition and sale of explosives of every character, including fireworks, firecrackers and firearms; may provide for the inspection, selling and regulation and control of all weights and measures and the use thereof; may regulate, license, control or prohibit transient traders, auctioneers, the sale at auction of live or domestic animals in the streets, alleys and public places of the city, auctions and sale at auctions, peddlers, hawkers and pawnbrokers; may regulate, license and control cab drivers, draymen, teamsters, taxicabs, jitneys, street cars and other forms of public conveyances, hotels, rooming houses, boarding houses, restaurants, candy and soft drink manufacturers and distributors, either wholesale or retail and other business and occupations; may license dogs and other animals; may regulate the location of and license telegraph, telephone and electric light poles within the city; may license and impose a license fee on street cars, telephones, gas meters, electric meters, water meters or any other device for measuring service, also telephone, telegraph, electric light and power poles, provided that all of said license fees shall be exclusive of and in addition to other lawful taxes upon such property or the holder thereof.