(A)  All docks constructed within the town, with the exception of floating docks, shall have handrails on at least one side of access walkways, T's, or L's.  Handrails shall be not less than three feet above the deck and shall be substantially constructed so as to assure a safe and permanent support for persons using the facilities.
   (B)  It is recommended that all piers have a ladder or stairway at their outer end extending down sufficiently to allow persons in the water to gain access to the pier.  All stairways shall have handrails.
   (C)  Owners of private piers may erect gates or barricades at the landward end of access walkways denying the use of the pier to others than their guests.  The barricades or gates should be clearly marked to define the pier as a private structures.
   (D)  No cross-bracing or structural members beneath the pier shall be erected in that zone between high and low waters so as to obstruct the use of this area by the public.
('72 Code, § 15-15)  Penalty, see § 10.99