(A)   All construction, repair, or modification of any pier or dock shall be governed by the following regulations.  No pier, dock, or other structure shall be constructed which:
      (1)   Is not within the applicant's property lines projected.  An exception may be made in unusual cases where notarized written approval by adjacent property owners allows the construction or where joint ownership of a facility to be constructed exists.
      (2)   Is closer to the owner's property lines extended than 15 feet, except as provided above.  All pilings or dolphins, single or multiple, used in any way for mooring, shall conform to this setback requirement.
      (3)   Extends beyond the pier line as shown on the official pier line map, which map, duly adopted, after a public hearing, shall be kept in the Town Hall.
      (4)   Is within 15 feet of any other pier other than one which is a part of the same mooring system.
      (5)   Where there would be more than one pier or dock projection from the shore for any single lot of 100 feet or less.  A pier shall not be constructed on a lot which does not provide for the clearances herein required from adjacent lot lines.  Owners having frontages greater than 100 feet shall be allowed an additional projecting pier or dock for each additional 50 feet of shore frontage in addition to the basic 100 feet.
   (B)   No vessel may be moored at any pier, dock, pilings, or dolphins so that it extends farther than its width beyond the pierhead line.
('72 Code, § 15-12)  (Ord., passed 12-11-75; Am. Ord. 1152, passed 8-22-91)  Penalty, see § 10.99