All persons desiring to establish and maintain a public parking place or garage for motor vehicles, for the use of which a charge shall be made, shall apply in writing to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, setting forth the location of the proposed public garage or parking place and the size thereof.  If the location for the garage or parking place is approved by the Mayor and Board, the Town Clerk shall issue a license to the person and shall charge and collect in advance therefor 1/2 of $.01 for each square foot of land to be used and maintained as a parking place or public garage.  However, in no event shall the amount to be collected be less than $15. The license shall contain the provision that the public parking place or garage shall be used and conducted in an orderly manner and shall conform to all provisions of this code and other ordinances of the town.
('72 Code, § 5-6)  Penalty, see § 10.99